PM666x Frequency Counter: OCXO & Reset MOD

2020-10-16 by rincewind

Adding an OCXO and fixing reset problems on a Philips PM666x frequency counter

IBM Model M USB interface

2020-07-27 by rincewind

A replacement PCB which boosts the venerable IBM Model M keyboard into the USB age


2020-03-21 by rincewind

A small programming adapter for ESP8266/ESP32 devices

Filament Spool Holder #2

2018-06-25 by rincewind

This is the second filament spool holder I designed. It offers low friction and easy, fast adjustment for different spool sizes.

GPIB Interface for PM3365A Oscilloscope

2017-11-05 by rincewind

The Philips PM3365A oscilloscope I inherited last year works fine – but it has one drawback: the only way to export data is via a GPIB interface. I had the opportunity to borrow a Prologix GPIB interface to test what can be done with this interface – it turns out remote control of the oscilloscope[…] Read Moreā€¦