IBM Model M USB interface

2020-07-27 by rincewind

A replacement PCB which boosts the venerable IBM Model M keyboard into the USB age

Filament Spool Holder #2

2018-06-25 by rincewind

This is the second filament spool holder I designed. It offers low friction and easy, fast adjustment for different spool sizes.

Filament Spool Holder #1

2016-01-03 by rincewind

This was the first filament spool holder I built. It is easy to assemble, the required parts are printed quickly and it is flexible enough to acommodate a wide range of filament spool sizes/types. You need: M6 threaded rod, ca. 2* 17cm / 2* 12cm M6 washers and nuts 4* Ball bearing 6mm / 17mm[…] Read More…

My new 3D Printer

2015-11-01 by rincewind

3D printing is an interesting topic – after fiddling with a Stepcraft 3D printing head at work, I decided I needed a machine at home to learn the complete process – while milling 2D parts is easy to get into, the 3D printing process still has lots edges, especially when you limit yourself to open-source[…] Read More…